CHS Sports  




Softball Season Dates

California Home School Sports Softball Season is April through May.

Regular Practices

Tuesdays & Thursdays                      6:30pm – dark                    Location:  River Heights Intermediate School


Practices are held at:

River Heights intermediate School


Games & Season*

Because softball is still in development stages in our league, games are scheduled as we go throughout the season when we find available teams. At this time our goal is to have 4-5 games per season. Since games are not guaranteed we will be adopting a different plan this year. The plan will be to have players register as a Softball PE Program for $90.  If the league teams from other sports do field a softball team and desire to have "regular season games," we will announce that before April 13th and make a  team decision to join together to compete against the other teams or not. These game competitions will include a fee to cover the cost of the games and any additional practices. The cost would range from $50-$150 depending on how many we agree upon as a team unit.



Registration Forms and Fees are due by the first practice.  Please print and fill out the attached Registration Form and mail with your registration fees to the address listed below.


Registration Fees* 

Softball          Ages 13-18        (see games and season above)      

Please Make Check Out To and Mail Registration Form & Payments to:

California Home School Sports

970 7th St.

Norco, CA  92860

Items Included:

Secondary Insurance

League Fees

Practice Field Fees

Game Field Fees

Referee Fees


Items not covered by Registration fees:

Each player will need to purchase a Team T-Shirt. Optional items are caps, white softball pants, belt, & socks. 

Refund Policy

Refunds will not be given after the first week of practice.

Homeschool Eligibility

All players on every team must be home-schooled at least 51% of the time.

Parent Volunteers

Each team will need volunteers to help.  If you are interested, please let your coach know.

Coaching Opportunities

All coaches are volunteers.  If you are interested in coaching, please contact Scott Brummett 951-415-8741 or

Important Information

Many children will be coming to practice, so please drive slow and be careful in the parking lots. Do not park in the handicap spots to drop off or pick up. 


If you choose to not stay to watch practice, do not just drop off your child/children and leave. Make sure a coach is at your
child’s practice area. 


We are not a babysitting service; please pick up your children promptly after practice ends.


Please keep the fields clean and always use a trashcan. We get to use these facilities and we would hate to lose them.