CHS Sports  


Christian Heritage Sports desires that every home-schooled child will have the opportunity to participate in physical education classes and athletic competition.  The sports program is designed around Biblical principles that instill Godly character traits.  Our desire is to have each child improve to the best of their ability, always improving their God given talents.  Each coach is being asked to take an active role in teaching the fruits of the spirit as found in Galatians 5:22-24.  In addition, the coaches are asked to lead by example by putting God first in everything, Col.3:23.  Our ultimate goal is that each person is improving their talents as they learn Christian character traits through participation in a variety of sport activities.


  • To glorify God in everything we do. Col: 3:23
  • To improve to the best of our ability. Improving our God given talents.
  • To live Spirit-filled lives, so that we are witnesses for Christ in sports and in our regular daily lives.
  • To learn life's lessons through sports. Teamwork, patience in winning and losing, endurance through difficult times, and learning to be content in all circumstances.
  • To teach and pass on Biblical life lessons through teaching/devotional time. Setting aside regular devotional times for sharing and teaching God's Word during practice and game events.